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But how important is it to get super-precise temperatures? They found that rectal thermometers were highly accurate. Peripheral thermometers were further off, with oral thermometers doing best among the runners-up.

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Fever in patients can provide an important clue to the etiology of a patient's symptoms. Non-invasive temperature sites oral, axillary, temporal may be insensitive due to a variety of factors. This has not been well studied in adult emergency department patients.

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While a slightly elevated temperature may be a sign that you are getting sick, chances are a number of other factors are influencing your body temperature on a daily basis. As a result, But even then he knew that body temperature varied from person to person, at different times of day and for many other reasons besides illness.

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Skip to: Main Navigation Main Content. Fever is usually a sign that your body is fighting an infection, but there can be other causes. Fever is a body temperature that is greater than normal. It usually occurs when the body is fighting an infection.

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Firstit is perfect for parents of new born babies through proven use rectally on infants. Children and adults can apply its clinical accuracy and extremely rapid readings orally for accuracy and speed or underarm for increased comfort. The large LCD display makes reading a breeze.

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Rectal thermometry is taking a person's temperature by inserting a thermometer into the rectum via the anus. Thus, it is often used sparingly and primarily on infants, children, or adults for whom taking an oral temperature would risk injury e. The precise history of rectal thermometry is largely unknown, but medical thermometers have long been made in a tube shape that fits into the anus.

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Search this site. Rectal Temperature Stories. The human rectum is about 12 cm long.

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Discussions MedFet Rectal temperatures. What's your current rectal temp? I just took mine, left the thermometer in for 5….

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A fever is when your body temperature is higher than normal. The average body temperature is around Your average body temperature may be higher or lower than that. It can also fluctuate slightly throughout the day.


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