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Above, listen to an episode of The Current's daily Music News podcast. You can also sign up for a daily Music News e-mail. Courtney Love is launching a new clothing linein collaboration with the label Midnight Studios.

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I did not know this. One of those crazy Courtney stories. We were playing in Seattle and for some reason it was summer but it was cold.

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But Courtney Love certainly managed to hold her own in the style stakes, arriving in a jaw-dropping silver dress that clung to her every curve. As a result, the California-born beauty became a Free the Nipple ambassador, with her intimate area piercing through the flimsy fabric of her gown. Enjoying her moment in the spotlight, the ex-wife of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain posed up a storm for the flashing bulbs.

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Courtney Love vs Frances Bean Cobain. When she was 17, Frances Bean Cobain had to file a restraining order against Love. She was put into the care of Kurt's mother, Wendy O'Connor. In the restraining order, Frances Bean reported that Courtney Love's drug addiction let to the death of her cat and dog.

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When you think of the most outrageous and iconic moments in pop culture, you surely think of JT and Janet at the Super Bowl, Britney and Madonna at the VMAs, and every single thing that Prince did. But there is one woman who has given us endless moments that have inspired sheer shock and awe for decades: Courtney Lovethe rock star, actress, Kurt Cobain widow, and overall major nineties icon. But instead of wondering when and how the reunion will happen, we keep dwelling on the past, as is now standard journalistic practice.

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Always in the limelight, Courtney Love has revealed she approached an online company who promised to remove bad press on the star from the internet. No stranger to making wild accusations in public forums - most recently involving her false accusations that former Nirvana drummer, Dave Grohl, made a move on her daughter Frances Bean Cobain. Forced to apologise on twitter, where she has previously been sued for tweeting offensive and incorrect tweets.

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It only takes writer Eric Wilson a few paragraphs to get to the crazy:. Love burst into the room with the Marchesa dress slung on one arm and the noted German Neo-Expressionist artist Anselm Kiefer on the other. She was entirely naked and leaning on Mr.

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We suppose the real news here would be if Courtney Love had actually kept herself covered up. If you can believe it, her stint on stage started off innocently enough, as Court jammed with some fellow female rockers while wearing a white T-shirt, according local media reports. However, the tee soon came off to reveal a black tube top. Sure enough, the year-old songstress proceeded to just throw caution and what little self-respect she has left, apparently to the wind by going from tube top to ta-tas in a, well, flash.

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Courtney Love — stripper, actor, rock star, widow, drug addict, Nelson College for Girls alumna, deadbeat mom, author, litigant, blogger, vintage enthusiast, and all-around Bad Girl — is an individual who seemingly has an uncommon devotion to making bad choices. The piece isn't a take-down — Wilson scrupulously notes examples of Love's intelligence, and states outright that she is canny enough to use the fashion industry and its media just as much as they are using her — but if one were looking to paint a picture of Love the victim, Love the pathetic "train wreck," she serves up plenty of raw material. Shortly after 8pm, Ms.

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Courtney Love has apologised for behaving in a wild and inappropriate manner during a recent interview with a newspaper reporter. The singer's interview with New York Times reporter Eric Wilson lived 'right up to my worst reputation,' as she put it. Love, 46, claims she was drunk and on antidepressant Zoloft when she met Wilson in her hotel room for the interview, which explains why she wasn't wearing any clothes at the time. Alcohol and Zoloft: Courtney Love blames her recent wild behaviour on booze and antidepressants.


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