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Do you have any suggestions? We know a lot about each other and have taken time getting to the sack. What do I need to know about going down on an uncircumcised man?

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Uncircumcised penises aren't all that different than their circumcised brethren, but they do come with a few extra features to enjoy should you stumble upon one in the wild. Like any peen, they vary on what they like depending on owner. Here are some super hot ways to enjoy your foreskin-having dude.

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Prefer uncircumcised. Circumcised feels a bit awkward to get into the vagina because of the lack of natural lube of the foreskin. The same with oral.

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. Just like vulvas, penises look different from person to person. And just like people with vulvasthe needs of those with penises vary from person to person, depending on their anatomy.

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Believe it or not, circumcised vs. You may be asking yourself: does it really matter? Whereas some lovers shrug their shoulders with indifference, others insist there is a huge difference between cut and uncut men.

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He was circumcised in at age I was teased about my penis as a kid, but by high school it had mostly stopped. The bigger problems started when I become sexually active.

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I was kind of surprised at how much the idea of being with an uncut guy weirded me out. I had only ever been with cut guys, so naturally, I was kind of freaked out about getting up close and personal with an intact penis. Luckily, I knew he was uncircumcised before getting in the sack with him.

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Ove the course of our lives as women who come into contact with peniseswe are bound to see some new and exciting things. Just like a rare Pokemon, these little fellows can sneak up and surprise us. Here are 7 things women think when they see their first uncircumcised penis.

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Did any of you read the recent Kenyan story about the wife who reported her husband to her village men for being uncircumcised? There was a video to boot. We women can be dangerous when crossed eh?

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For a lot of American women, the idea of an uncircumcised penis is repulsive. Sorry, guys! It's not that we're against a penis that rocks a turtleneck, but it's just something we're not accustomed to. You can't be mad at us if we recoil in fear and confusion during sex when face-to-face with an uncut member!


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